Response to OHA Trustee Heen’s June 13th Letter

By: Trustee Rowena Akana

Source: Letter-to-the-Editor, Star Bulletin, July 13, 2007

I was surprised to read OHA Trustee Walter Heen’s June 13th letter where he wrote, “I do not recall Akana ever dissenting from any of the terms that were brought before the board, including the waiver provision that she now loudly decries.”

Heen was present at all of the executive session meetings where I expressed concerns regarding the waiver provision.  Further, all of the OHA trustees, along with the administrator, received a letter from me in advance which explained why I could not support the settlement bill and that I would be submitting testimony to the legislature in opposition to the bill (see attached).

I hope that Heen will make sure that OHA has lined up its “ducks” for the 2009 legislative session since he is now part of the negotiation team.  Further, I question why OHA’s negotiating team is still negotiating with the Governor’s office when she has publicly stated that she will not reconsidering her proposal.  Why not work with the legislature?