Quotables: Honolulu Star-Bulletin

By Various
May 17, 1997

Source Honolulu Star-Bulletin

“I think we have their attention. They are going to have to do something.”
-Roy Benham, a Kamehameha Schools alumnus and leader of a group protesting Bishop Estate trustees’ policies on the schools.

“It is obvious that the economy is not rebounding and that it is in serious trouble. It’ll take leadership to get the economy back on track.”
-Maui Mayor Linda Crockett Lingle.

“What we saw during the legislative session this year can only be described as one of the worst assaults on Hawaiian entitlements in OHA’s 17 years.”
Office of Hawaiian Affairs Trustee Rowena Akana.

“What I need to do is be convinced that no woman will be grievously harmed by this legislation.”
-President Clinton, indicating he would veto a bill that prohibits a late-
term abortion procedure.